December 11: Roger Williams’s Life in England, 7pm

 Have you ever wondered what Roger Williams’s life in England was like? Professor Charlotte Carrington-Farmer of Roger Williams University and National Park Service Ranger John McNiff will show us how they retraced Roger Williams’s footsteps in England with two groups of RWU students. 

The program will feature lots of photographs of seminal locations in Williams’s life, including the Smithfield district of London, Charterhouse School, and Pembroke College, Cambridge. Seventeenth-century maps and illustrations will be overlaid on the contemporary photos and maps. 

The students who took this trip were participants in RWU’s “Roger Seminar,” which explores themes such as freedom of conscience, social justice and intellectual exchange. Professor Carrington-Farmer and Ranger McNiff will place Williams in the wider context of early seventeenth-century English religious, social, and political history.