Peace Dale Museum of Art and Culture


Since 1978, the Museum has offered programs for children that are designed to complement the science and social studies curricula of Rhode Island public schools. The programs are designed for students from pre-school through middle school. 

Programs for pre-school and kindergarten students usually are about 35 or 40 minutes long, and programs for older students usually are about 45 minutes to one hour long.


The Museum’s collection includes items made and used by Indigenous peoples throughout North America. We use some of these items to explore what communities of the past would have been like for different cultures. Depending on the ages of the children in the group, activities might include a treasure hunt, an art project, or other hands-on activities.


These programs give pre-school and elementary school students an opportunity to see and touch real fossils to learn about life in the age of the dinosaurs. A “make your own fossil” art activity is included.

Walking Tour of Peace Dale

We offer walking tours of Peace Dale with our indoor children’s programs. We explore the history of the historic village and look for architectural elements that give the village its character.

There is no charge for our children’s educational programs.

For more information about any of our programs, or to schedule a visit, please arrange to speak to Mary Cocroft Brown, our Educator, by calling 401-783-5711 or e-mailing